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Tröegs Independent Brewing

ROLE: Content Specialist

In my role, I create engaging content and copy for Tröegs' retail, print, digital, and brewery channels. To meet our marketing objectives and goals, I use my skills in photography and videography to create visually appealing content that captures the essence of our brand. By employing a range of creative techniques, I strive to create content that resonates with our target audience and helps to promote Tröegs as a leader in the craft beer industry.


Arko Flooring LLC

ROLE: Social Media/Web Specialist

After graduating from college, I started my career at Arko Flooring as a member of the Digital Team. Since joining the team, I have dedicated my time to building digital foundations that help to increase sales. One of my biggest accomplishments at Arko was helping expand the e-commerce side of the business. Through my efforts, we were able to successfully sell flooring products across the country, opening up new opportunities for growth and expansion.


1 Year Overview


+28% Increase in Online Sales

+70% Increase in Website Traffic

+527% increase Conversion Rate

+376% increase in Website visits from Social Media

+183% increase in Facebook Page Likes

+5243% increase in Instagram Followers

Sold flooring to 25 Different States (PA Media Group Internship)

ROLE: Social Media Intern

The Rally4Local initiative is one of PA Media Group’s COVID-19 responses to the health of the PA local business community. As a small business, you can be a part of their virtual shopping platform where they will connect their audience of consumers to your business. I was in charge of creating the social media presence on Instagram and Facebook. By communicating with more than 400 businesses, I was able to expand our network and help bring awareness to some very unique businesses navigating through the pandemic. 

Mr. Sharky Shark x Shark Week x Instagram Campaign

Mr. Sharky Shark was a celebrity figure seen rollerskating during quarantine through the streets of Harrisburg, PA. I communicated with him for the opportunity to post about him on Pennlive's Instagram. He had worked with Pennlive in the past and conducted a photoshoot (Sean Simmers Photo Credits). By combining his passion for Harrisburg, his passion for local business, and our (my) fascination with him, led to an interesting social post that day. Thanks again Mr. Sharky Shark! x Pennlive Instagram Campaign


In the early days of the Rally4Local Instagram, we wanted to get the word out about the service we were/are providing. We thought the best way to get in front of people from the PA area would be to run a campaign on the Pennlive Instagram. By putting our brand of an audience that is very similar to ours, it led to an influx of people to follow us. I'm very appreciative of the support and help I had accomplishing this project of mine. 

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

ROLE: Web Content Writer

As a Web Content Writer at KU, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the University Relations Web Team to produce written content for the school's website, social media channels, and student e-newsletters. My responsibilities included creating, editing, and proofreading new content to be shared across campus. Through my work, I aimed to provide engaging and informative content that accurately represented KU's brand and values.


I was assigned to interview and learn the story of Jacey and Bekah, honors students at KU, who became fast friends during the unexpected 2020 quarantine. Click HERE to read more about this great story. 

ROLE: Student University Photographer

As a Student University Photographer at KU, I had the opportunity to work alongside a team of other students and the Campus Photographer to capture the essence of campus life. I particularly enjoyed photographing student-led activities and events, which were used by the University Relations Web Team to create content for the school's website, social media channels, and student e-newsletters. In addition to taking photographs, I also assisted with creating, editing, and proofreading new content to be shared across campus channels. Through my work, I aimed to showcase the vibrancy and diversity of KU's student community.


As part of my photography role at KU, I was tasked with capturing stills and video content for a feature presentation. The presentation was given by Michael Rabinovitz, Senior Brand Manager of the Hershey Company. He provided KU business students with a unique opportunity to pitch potential future ideas to him regarding the Hershey brand. This experience gave students the chance to gain valuable real-world insights and guidance for their future careers. Watch the video above to learn more about the presentation and the exciting opportunities it provided for KU students.

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